Bakery & Dairy Bar

Treat yourself to a wide variety of baked goods. Every day tarts, pies, and breads are brought to life in our in-store bakery. No one can resist the banana breads or deliciously sinful cookies. Everyone loves our butter tarts - made with real maple syrup. In fact, we have a saying around here: "A balanced diet, is a butter tart in each hand" - that's how we feel towards these sweet tarts! The butter tart and pie aroma flies throughout the store every day. Brownies and squares line the display cases. Everyone has a favourite, which will yours be?

Pie Bar

Now this is what we are famous for: Home-made, country pies! From the dough being meticulously rolled out by one of our bakers to the pie cooling off in the country air, these pies are made with a whole lot of love. Our pies are our passion and sweet-tooth coming together to create a difference that you can taste the second it hits your mouth. Different fruit combinations and crusts such as our "crumble top" make the perfect pies! We have our classic, family favourites, which can be found in the store throughout the year - but keep an eye out for our monthly special pies where we let our creativity fly!

The Dairy Bar

Everyone loves ice cream! We serve rich, creamy Hewitt's creations. A variety of flavours to choose from, served in a sugar cone or a cup. Eat your treat on our benches and enjoy the views of the countryside and Niagara Escarpment! Don't forget: we have free mini putt at the farm market in the spring/summer months. Grab a cone and practice your swing!